Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Why You Should Use Temporary and Contract Workers

Reason One: Flexibility

For businesses, temporary and contract employees provide work force flexibility. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employers that have flexibility in adjusting labor requirements to meet project and service demands have a competitive edge over those with less flexible human resource policies.

Reason Two: Access to Talent

When you need access to specialized talent, Three Pillar is here to recruit, screen and place the qualified workers to help your company meet increased demand or take advantage of a new opportunity.

Our Search Consultants have worked in the industries we serve and understand your needs. This allows us to screen, qualify and assign the correct contract worker to your project. Additionally, we are constantly expanding our network of professionals that gives your company and even greater access to the appropriate talent.

A Temporary or Contract Solution

Have a special project that needs to get done by the end of the month? Or maybe you need seasonal customer service staff to help during a busy season. Whether you need a receptionist for two weeks, a .Net Developer for a project or an interim CFO, Three Pillar can help.

Temporary or Contract-to-hire Solution

This service allows employers to utilize temporary or contract workers on a temporary or project basis and when appropriate, extend an offer of employment.

Some of the advantages to temporary-to-hire include the ability to start a worker quickly and then evaluate their performance on the job before making an offer of employment. Another benefit is that by offering a temporary-to-hire opportunity, the pool of interested applicants is greatly increased compared to a temporary or contract opportunity.

If you need a temporary or contract employee to start right away, call 817-445-9000 to speak with a consultant about your needs.

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